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Tatiana Regan | It is a question by so many. What equipments are you using when you are traveling and you are away from the city? How can you survive? What are your tips for the newbie travelers that would like to detach from the technology era and to feel the nature around them?

There are times that you will need to camp with other tourists that are exploring the area. Some other time, you can rent a lodge. Whichever suits you, you need to have these following types of equipment with you which are mostly portable and easy to carry on your bags.


You can purchase your tent at Cape Union Mart in Cape Town before you leave.  If you are a couple that is traveling together, you can select 3 man tent. It costs about $120. You can also check other cheaper buys at the Supermarket but be mindful of the quality of those tents. 

Sleeping Bags

You can also obtain astounding hiking beds at Cape Union Mart if you are planning to camp in Africa. Not only in Africa, but you can also use it to your other travels. Each portable sleeping bags are about $100. You can also order online before you arrive or at any general store in the area. If you are planning to visit Africa during late spring, it is really important to have a sleeping bag.


Who will forget pillows? You can also get them in Africa to lessen your baggages when flying from a different continent. You can discover shoddy ones at Mr. Value all over Southern Africa.

Mosquito Spray

Of course! It is needed. Especially if you are traveling with kids, this is rare, but in case you want to visit Africa with your family and you are that adventurous, this is a must-have! You can get it in Africa. Can be found at any market. Newspaper and Peaceful Sleep are the most famous brands.


The air in Africa is different especially in summer. You can easily distinguish it by the looks of their skin color. You can buy it anywhere you are from because it is very pricey in Africa.


We advise getting these before you leave home. They are little to pack and I never observed any extraordinary arrangements in Africa. Get one for every individual in the gathering – you would prefer not to be the individual to venture on a scorpion.

Cooking gears

Of course, you can’t live without eating anything and restaurants are not just around the corner when you are away from the city. You need to get these gears ready:


Cast Iron Skillet

Cast Iron potjie pot

Eco-friendly cups

Stainless steel coffee mugs

French Press for Coffee

Pairing Knife

Butcher Knife

Silverware set

Vegetable peeler

Kettle with a foldable handle:


Steel Plates

Steel Bowls

Oven Mitten


Egg Holder

Braai Grid and tongs


Dish Soap and sponge

If you already have these essentials. What are you waiting for? Let’s go!