Essential outdoor gear that hikers constantly forget

Amidst all the excitement associated with going on an outdoor adventure, it’s easy to overlook a number of things at the preparation stage. Sure, everyone remembers the camera and all the essential equipment that comes with it. They even have their sleeping bags at the ready. However, several essential objects should be brought but somehow never find their way to the backpack. Tatiana Regan.

Below are some of these objects that should be on every hiker’s checklist so they wouldn’t forget to pack them.

Water bottles and Water

While they add weight, water bottles and water are two things hikers would regret not having when the need arises. The more into nature hikers get, the farther they are from the nearest convenience store. Also, hiking is a physical activity, and it’s easy to get dehydrated especially in the hotter months, which is why water is necessary.


Some hikers prefer to bring electronic equipment such as cameras and GPS devices for all sorts of purposes – and that’s fine. However, as mentioned earlier, hiking is a physical activity and people naturally sweat after walking long distances. Sweat is acidic and may ruin some of the electronic devices that are brought along. Tatiana Regan.

Insect repellant

One of the harsh realities about going outdoors for hikers is that they share the natural world with countless living creatures. A lot of these living creatures bite and suck, such as mosquitoes, ants, and fleas. Far too many hikers have returned from their adventures peppered with insect bites. And many of these insect bites may be dangerous to people as well.

Can you think of other essential things hikers should bring, which are easy to forget? Feel free to share them in the comments section below. Tatiana Regan.

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